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Put not your trust in princes: Samuel Rutherford, the four causes, and the limitation of civil government


Tales of Two Cities: Christianity and Politics, ed. Stephen Clark (Leicester: IVP, 2005), pp.83-151


Rutherford and armed resistance


A section of the paper on Rutherford not published in Tales of Two Cities

The Seven Blessings of Revelation

Foundations, 53, (Spring 2005), pp.20-26


The entire article. 11 page pdf document.

John Howe

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (OUP, 2004)


Not available

Decalogue Dod and his Seventeenth Century Bestseller


St Antholin’s Lecture, 2004


Radical Disorientation: Fallen Sexuality and the Christian Doctrine of Sin


Holiness and Sexuality ed. David Peterson, (Paternoster, 2004), pp.51-119

Extracts – coming soon


Rock Solid: Men of Truth, pp.40-43 (Good Book Company / Christian Conventions, 2004)

The entire chapter

Systematic Theology Literature Survey (1997-2001)

Foundations, 47, (Autumn 2001), pp.45-52


The entire article