Here are the notes and the mp3 files of seven talks I gave at an Oak Hall “Unlocking the Bible Weekend” in November 2007.


They were delivered for the people present that weekend and so there’s a lot of hand-waving and moving over to the whiteboard that doesn’t come across in these files (as well as a distracting amount of um-ing and er-ing). The first couple of minutes of each file is scratchy or fizzy but they improve dramatically (the sound quality, I mean) after that.


There are hundreds of people who know a ton more about this material than I do. I’m putting these online because I think that they might be of some use to some people and not at all because there is not already better material available.  I point to some of that in 1) of “Further Study” on p.23 of the accompanying notes. A very great deal of what is worthwhile in these talks is from the work of Jim Jordan.


You can see more about the wonderful work of Oak Hall at  http://www.oakhall.co.uk/index.asp


You can see more of the wonderful work of Jim Jordan at http://www.biblicalhorizons.com/




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Talk One

37 mins

Introduction - setting the redemptive-historical scene




Talk Two

67 mins

Overview - holiness, glory, cleanness and Leviticus




Talk Three

62 mins

Offerings (1)  - overview and as ascension offering




Talk Four

69 mins

Offerings (2) - tribute, peace, sin, trespass offerings and ch.16




Talk Five

53 mins

Priesthood - chs. 8-10




Talk Six

58 mins

Clean and Unclean - chs. 11-15




Talk Seven

50 mins

Become a holy nation - chs. 17-27